These £8 loafers are great dupes for Gucci’s iconic flats

There are plenty of high-end brands to splurge on if you fancy a treat, and one of those brands is Gucci, whose furry shoes and embossed bags are favourites in the fashion set. Their sophisticated loafers are also bestsellers, and come in a range of cool colours. One of the most vibrant pairs is their red colourway, which will set you back just short of £500.

If that’s slightly out of your price range, the good news is that the high street is always on hand to provide us with more affordable options, and sometimes even deliver a pretty like-for-like dupe. Case in point: Primark’s £8 red flats, which are strikingly similar to Gucci’s rather more luxe loafers.

primark loafers

Loafers, £8, Primark 

Both pairs of shoes are a vibrant red colour, have a tiny heel, and are adorned with gold detailing on the front. The Primark footwear is slightly darker by the looks of things, and has a chunkier gold metal feature, but aside from those differences, they’re almost twins.

The biggest difference between them however is of course the price. At £8, Primark’s design is a whopping £487 less than the Gucci pair, which cost £495.

Gucci Jordaan Loafers, £495, Net-A-Porter

The Gucci Jordaan loafers are made from red velvet and goat’s leather, and come in a number of other colours including a seriously gorgeous pink velvet. They’re also available in a leather finish, in which they come in even more shades, from simple black to deep Burgundy, and even come with a collapsible heel feature, meaning you can wear them as slip-ons too.

Unsurprisingly, the loafers are a favourite in the world of fashion, and have often be praised for their comfort as well as their style.

This Primark equivalent is available to buy in shops rather than online, as is the case with all of Primark’s goods. We recommend you seek them out immediately, as they’re bound to be a hit, and there’s no telling when they’ll be restocked…