Shoppers are comparing Primark’s £12 hairdryer to Dyson’s £300 version

Ever since retail stores have reopened, shoppers have been heading to Primark in their droves to get their hands on the budget brand’s wares. It’s not just fashion they’re after though; a £12 Primark hair dryer has been causing a stir lately after it was compared to Dyson’s £299.99 Supersonic Hair Dryer.

hair dryerThe hairdryer in question is from Andrew Fitzsimon’s range of hair products and styling tools sold exclusively at Primark. Andrew is the man behind the Kardashian sisters’ enviable tresses, and with its cute pink packaging and extremely low prices, people had already been going wild for the AF x Primark range (which just got even bigger).

Andrew Fitzsimons hairdryer

Andrew Fitzsimons White And Pink Hairdryer, £12, Primark

But now that it has been compared to the famous Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, it’s flying off the shelves faster than ever. TikTok user @katiearter recently shared a video to the platform where she claims that, having used the Dyson hairdryer before, she much prefers the £12 Primark hair dryer and that it dried her (long) hair in 5 minutes.


Primark Dyson hairdryer dupe redo which went viral last time I did it! #primark #primarkhairdryer #dyson #dysondupe #dysonhair

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Then, just earlier this month, a shopper took to the Primark Haul Facebook group to confirm the rumours, writing: ‘Just want to say the rumours about this hairdryer are so right! I was surprised to see any in stock (Oldham Town centre, Manchester) so for £12 and all the praise it’s been getting I decided to grab it!

‘It dried my hair FULLY, faster than any other hairdryer I’ve owned, 3 mins top it took, I can spend waaay longer with other hairdryers and it seems fully dry, I turn it off and my hair is still damp in places cause its sooo thick!

‘Also I could have it on the highest settings and it didn’t burn my hands after time I could still fluff out my hair to get it fully dry underneath with no discomfort or burns! It also feels like it’s volumised my hair love this cute yet powerful little dryer sooo much!’

With multiple similar posts in the Facebook group from people saying how much they love the £12 Primark hairdryer, we’re definitely adding this to our shopping list…