A former Primark employee has shared the store’s top secrets on TikTok 

There’s a bit of a trend on TikTok right now in which former workers of certain stores or brands share their top secrets about their former job, along with tips on how to score the best buys and for the best prices. A recent video for example saw an ex-employee of TK Maxx share advice on how to get the best out of your shopping experience. 


Now, just like the TK Maxx videos, a TikTok user is revealing everything you need to know about working behind the scenes at Primark, from how to score loads of free hangers to nabbing the ultimate seasonal must-haves. 

@pontasaurus / TikTok

Georgia Ponton, 20, used to have a job at Primark, and is now thriving on TikTok with her series, ‘Primark secrets from someone who used to work there.’ She has so far made 23 parts to the series, with viewers lapping up all the top-secret details. 

Some of her best tips include the ability for anyone to simply ask for a bag of hangers rather than buying them elsewhere. ‘If you go up to someone that is working on the till and say “Can I have a bag of hangers?” then they will give it to you,’ she explained. 

‘So stop buying hangers because you can get them for free. Behind every till is a massive bin where we put the hangers for people that don’t want them, and I’m not really sure where they go afterwards, but we need to get rid of them.’

primark paper bag
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She also shared her tips on finding the most buys, especially between seasons. ‘Check the back of all the rails,’ she said. ‘If the season was about to change, then we would put anything that needed to be sold right at the front and anything new at the back because we needed to prioritise the old stuff.’

Ponton recommended the backs of rails for items others may be hiding for later, too: “If you know an item is popular and it’s going fast then check in the corners because that’s where people hide the most popular sizes and the version of that item.’

You can watch her full series of tips on TikTok now