The £5 Primark fragrance is said to be a brilliant dupe for Chloé perfume

Designer fragrances are one of the most wonderful luxuries in the world – but they don’t come cheap. So when we hear about an alternative that’s being hailed as a great high-street dupe for an high-end bottle, we’ll always sit up and take note.

Word on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page is that Primark’s £5 Soft Rose scent is a brilliant smellalike for Chloé’s signature EDT, which retails for £75 per 50ml at Boots.

primark Chloe perfume dupe
Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK/Rachael Louise Kennedy

The similarity was brought to the group’s attention by Rachael Louise Kennedy, a Primark customer who’d tried the affordable Primark version in store.

‘I love Chloé perfume but found this today in Primark for £5 and smells just like it,’ she explained. ‘I had a spray in store, the scent hasn’t lasted as long but can defo still smell it 3 hours later so got myself a bottle just for everyday use!’

Primark’s Soft Rose might not boast the sleek glass bottle or the impressive staying power of Chloé’s formula. But at £70 cheaper than the original, it could be ideal as a top-up to stash in your handbag, or spritz more liberally if you want to save the fancier stuff for special occasions.

Chloé perfume dupe

Chloé Eau de Parfum For Her, £75, Boots

Chloé fans have rushed to thank Rachael for the tip, with one writing: ‘I love Chloé but don’t love the price so will definitely try this! Thank you.’

‘Love that Chloé perfume but it is soooooo expensive. This is amazing!’ agreed another.

However, Primark’s bargain bottle isn’t the only one generating a buzz right now. Zara’s Powdery Magnolia perfume is also said to have the same light, powdery floral notes as Chloé’s much-loved aroma, and at £15.99 for 100ml, it still represents a significant saving.

Zara Chloé perfume dupe

Powdery Magnolia Eau De Toilette, £15.99, Zara

Our advice? Head to the high street and start sniffing to find your favourite. You could save yourself a lot of money in the process…