This £1 oatmeal skincare range is said to be an amazing dupe for Aveeno

Aveeno is one of those staple moisturisers that thousands of us incorporate into our beauty regimes on a daily basis – even Jennifer Aniston has been a fan of the range since she was 15 years old. And while it’s definitely considered an affordable beauty buy, retailing for around £5.99 in most high street stores, there’s a new conversation doing the rounds on social media that suggests that you can get very similar benefits for even less.

In a Facebook post on the Poundland Appreciation Society page, which has more than 62,000 members who love to share their bargain-hunting tips, Bobby Hewson Annis shared an oatmeal-infused skincare collection that’s recently landed in stores, with even the packaging bearing a striking resemblance to Aveeno’s cult cream and green bottle.

Poundland dupe for Aveeno
Facebook/Poundland Appreciation

Commenters who’ve already picked up the Nuage products, which include a daily moisturising lotion, a daily moisturising cream and a soothing bath soak, were quick to sing its praises, with one writing: ‘It’s a copy of Aveeno, really good.’

‘I’ve bought the cream usually have Aveeno. I’d say its very similar, not as thick but definitely a really good alternative. I’m going to use it alongside my Aveeno not instead of,’ agreed another, while a third said: ‘The bath soak is amazing leaves your skin really soft 😍.’

Poundland dupe for Aveeno
Facebook/Poundland Appreciation

Oats are good for dry or sensitive skin for a multitude of reasons. ‘The starches and beta-glucan in oats attract water to the skin and form a protective barrier that helps maintain a healthy moisture level, ultimately diminishing dryness and the irritation it causes,’ the Aveeno website explains. The hero ingredient can even help to calm itching and irritation, and minimise the appearance of redness.

Jennifer Aniston moisturiser

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, £5.99, Boots

Although the Poundland Nuage oatmeal range isn’t an exact replica of the Aveeno we know and love, if budget is looking tight, you can try it and see if you love it just as much for £1 a pop.

The only downside? The oatmeal range isn’t currently available on the Poundland website, so you’ll need to head in in person if you want to check it out for yourself. But with savings of upwards of £5 per purchase to be made, it could well be worth the trip.