This village in Wales is going viral because it looks like it was plucked right out of Italy

A week on the Amalfi coast or a long weekend in Venice might seem like nothing more than a pipe dream right now, as we face another summer of uncertainty regarding travelling abroad. You may have already resided yourself to another year of staycationing in the UK (which is by no means a bad thing), but if you’re craving a ‘proper’ summer hol’ (the kind that makes you forget about drizzly Britain), we might have good news for you.

Portmeirion village
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No, it’s not that COVID’s done a runner and travelling with ease is back on the agenda, but there is a small village in North Wales that might be able to convince you to holiday in the UK.

Portmeirion building
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Portmeirion is the enchanting coastal holiday village in North Wales that was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, who was inspired by the colourful pastel-walled streets of Europe and wanted to bring a touch of that Mediterranean charm to the Welsh coast.

Portmeirion tower
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And that he certainly succeeded in – so much so that people are seriously confusing pictures of the quaint Welsh village for Italy. TikTok user @ByMeera5xo recently posted a video tour of Portmeirion, captioning it with ‘Did you know there is a hidden village in the UK that looks like Italy?’


Hidden “Italy” in the UK – Portmeirion Village – Wales ??????? #portmeirion #ukstaycation #Italy #fyp #hiddengemsUK #hiddenbeach

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Proving its attractiveness, Portmeirion was named as one of the most Instagrammable villages in the UK last year, second only to Clovelly in Devon.

Portmeirion gardens
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Of course, we can’t guarantee the sunshine – we are talking about notoriously rainy Wales, after all – but when the sun does shine and there are clear blue skies, cheery Portmeirion really could have been plucked right out of Italy, making it the ideal summer staycation destination for those wishing they could hop on a plane to, well, literally anywhere.