This is the most popular wedding flower and we’re shocked

White weddings are a thing of the past according to new research which suggests that unlike what you may think, white flowers are no longer the most popular choice when celebrating nuptials. Instead, it has been revealed that red poppies (a more vibrant choice than bog-standard traditional) are the most popular wedding flowers this year.

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Now that the wedding season is back in full swing – a long-awaited moment after almost two years of lockdown and postponed celebrations – it seems most people are doing things a little differently. Not only are smaller, more intimate wedding parties becoming the norm due to COVID but the floral arrangements have experienced a shift too.

After reviewing the number of Google searches about wedding flowers between July 2019 and June 2021, it was discovered by Flowercard that poppies were the most popular, with over 2.9 million searches.

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The company studied data on 75 wedding flowers and found that the average number of searches for them over the two years was 487,350, which tells us just how in-demand they really are, even during a pandemic.

While poppies came out on top, with 2.4 million more searches than the average, the second most popular flower was the peony, with over 2.3 million. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as pink and purple peonies are often found in wedding decorations as well as being a staple in the bride’s bouquet.

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Coming in third was the white rose, a flower that is often thought to be the number one choice for brides. However, searches for this only amounted to 2,172,500, which is still a lot, though far less than the reigning poppy.

Here’s the full list of the top ten most popular wedding flowers in the UK…

  • Poppies, 2,930,500 searches

  • Peony, 2,302,700 searches

  • White Rose, 2,172,500 searches

  • Hydrangea, 2,081,600 searches

  • Daffodil, 1,797,600 searches

  • Lavender, 1,515,400 searches

  • Orchid, 1,403,600 searches

  • Dahlia, 1,352,500 searches

  • Chrysanthemums, 1,216,500 searches

  • Foxgloves, 1,203,800 searches