‘Plogging’ is the new Scandi exercise trend that’s helping to save the planet

Scandinavians are renowned for bringing us everything from fashion trends to lifestyle hacks, and their latest pearl of wisdom will not only keep you fit but help the environment at the same time. Say hello to plogging, Sweden’s genius new way of saving the planet.

Combining the Swedish words ‘plocka’ (which means picking) with jogging, the act of  plogging is very simple. All it consists of is going for a run and picking up litter while you’re at it. As we said, it’s genius.

The trend has already been hailed as a new fitness craze, with people around the world following in the footsteps of the Swedes clearing up the litter in their local communities during their morning (or evening) jogs. Some have even started their own ‘plogging clubs’ where a group of people go plogging together.

Speaking to iNews, Swedish Swimrun champion and plogger Maja Tesch, said: ‘We know that 9,500kg of plastic is produced every second. Every second of every day of all the year. And 60 per cent of this is for disposable products – takeaway cups, plastic straws.’

According to the publication, the trend hails from Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, where an environmentalist named Erik Ahlström got the idea after noticing the amount of litter thrown around on his run route. Shortly after, he set up the Facebook group ‘fashion trends‘ where he encouraged others to join in – and the rest, as they say, is history…