The biggest interiors trends predicted for 2022

You’re not alone if you’ve been much more interested in homeware and interiors trends over the past couple of years. Is it any wonder, considering we’ve spent a good proportion of that time literally stuck inside our homes? Thanks, lockdown.

If you fancy a refresh, or simply like to look at dreamy interiors and fantasize about your dream decor, Pinterest has revealed the top interiors trends predicted for 2022.

Matt Siberry, Head of Home at Pinterest, explains why they’ve picked out these six trends for the year ahead…

2022 interiors trends

Emotional escape rooms

Even before finding out exactly what this is, we know we need one. An emotional escape room can be anything that helps you – wait for it – escape, without leaving your home. Whether that’s a quiet space to read a book or somewhere with lots of light to do yoga, or meditate.

‘With life changes and continuous external pressures, people will seek out spaces for all their feels in 2022,’ Matt explains. ‘Whether it’s a music-themed room, crystal room, or even a room dedicated to letting out rage.’

While few of us can afford to spare an entire room of our homes for these purposes, even creating a zone with another room to focus on de-stressing activities is helpful.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design is a space created with a connection to nature. Decorating spaces with houseplants continues to be a massive interiors trend, according to the increase in searches on Pinterest. With an increased consciousness of sustainability, too, it’s no surprise to learn we’re expected to become even more green-fingered.

‘Many of us have become more than a little plant obsessed over the last year, with house plants helping to make up the perfect video call background,’ Matt says. ‘Well in 2022, thanks to the way in which plants increase our connection to nature and are proven to enhance our well being, plant-lovers will be taking things a step further at home, by designing their rooms with a plant-first mindset. Expect to see staircase gardens, floral ceilings and biophilic offices galore.’

Limitless luxe

One thing we’ve definitely been missing during the pandemic years is luxury. The frayed jumpers and ripped leggings we’ve been wearing for months while working from home are evidence enough. Although, as we hopefully move further away from pandemic life, Pinterest predicts we’ll be seeking out luxury interiors.

Matt says, ‘After many of us have spent a lot of time staring at the same four walls over the past year, it’s not surprising that we want to incorporate a little extra luxury into our lives. But what is more unexpected is that people will look to bring luxe into even their laundry rooms. Rather than letting a space become forgotten, the nooks and crannies in people’s homes will become great conversation starters for when guests are over.’

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We all know someone who either had a baby during the pandemic, or became a pet parent. So naturally, our interiors are changing to accommodate for our new furry friends.

‘In 2022, we anticipate that people will redesign their homes with their furry friends at the forefront, from luxury dog rooms to “catified” homes,’ Matt says.

Curve appeal

Homebase scalloped sofa

Curves have been all the rage recently, too. From scalloped furniture, to shaped candles and vases, we’ve been loving the rounded look.

Matt explains: ‘While our homes have already become more well-rounded in their sense of purpose, our interior styles will become more rounded too in 2022; from curved couches, to bar designs and kitchen islands.’

Hellenistic Revival

We’ve got nostalgia coming at us from all angles in 2022, whether it’s in the latest TV reboots, food or interiors trends.

Searches for ‘ancient Greece aesthetic’ have reportedly risen by 65 per cent on Pinterest this year.

‘Taking inspiration from the Ancient Greeks to add a touch of elegance to their interiors, people will invest in everything from Corinthian home decor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper,’ Matt says.

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