New pink Pimm’s is a sweeter alternative to an Aperol Spritz

Come summertime, we all love a glass of Pimm’s. There’s nothing more British than sitting outside at a barbecue, sipping on the beloved delicious fruity elixir in a glass topped with lemonade, ice and chopped fruit and mint aplenty. But this year, you may find yourself drinking Pimm’s a little differently – in fact, it may very well be a lot pinker.

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Pimm’s has launched a brand new version of its bestselling fruity drink, this time made with raspberry and redcurrant, rather than its traditional flavour that’s best mixed with lemonade. The drink perfectly feeds into the growing trend of drinking pink-hued drinks, which Sainsbury’s has taken note of.

Sales of all pink drinks have skyrocketed in the last year according to the supermarket; the amount of rosé cider sold for example, has grown 49 per cent year on year, while rosé wine sales are up 26 per cent versus 15 per cent for red wine and 12 per cent for white wine. In short, pink is big business right now, which is why Pimm’s newbie couldn’t have come at a better time.

pink Pimms sundowner

The Pimm’s Sundowner Raspberry and Redcurrant Flavoured Aperitif is designed to be a sweeter alternative to other well known aperitifs such as Aperol, which is a summer staple for many. It’s best served with prosecco, soda and fresh raspberries to create a Sundowner Spritz cocktail.

The exact recipe instructions (as shared by Pimm’s on their Instagram page), are as follows: ‘Simply fill a wine glass with ice and combine 50ml each of Pimm’s Sundowner and prosecco, top up with soda, then garnish with fresh raspberries (1.5 units).’

This is the dream drink to sit back and enjoy at a BBQ, or equally at a summer picnic, when the sun finally decides to make a re-appearance! It sounds especially delicious if you have a sweet tooth and love experimenting with different fruity cocktails.

The pink Pimm’s is currently available at Sainsbury’s stores for an introductory price of £12, in comparison to its usual £16.

pink Pimm's sundowner

Pimm’s Sundowner Raspberry and Redcurrant Flavoured Aperitif, £12, Sainsbury’s

You can also buy it on Amazon, where it’s already receiving rave reviews: ‘The pimm’s sundowner is really fruity and tastes lovely with prosecco and lemonade. A perfect summer drink,’ wrote one reviewer. ‘Summer is here in a glass,’ said another.

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