Piers Morgan has been voted the nation’s number one celebrity crush

When you think of your celebrity crush, how many of you think Piers Morgan? Surprisingly, the answer to that is a lot of us  – though you might not say it out loud.

The controversial journalist and co-host of Good Morning Britain has been crowed the nation’s number one secret celebrity crush by Heat magazine after coming out on top in a poll.

Piers Morgan
Getty Images

The poll, which is released in celebration of Valentine’s Day, happens annually and is all about getting readers to confess their guilty crushes – meaning there must be plenty of us who enjoy seeing Piers’ face on our TV screens every morning.

Naturally, a very smug Piers – who is never one to shy away from sharing his opinions on social media, no matter how controversial – took to social media to gloat.

‘My particular thoughts at this difficult moment are with Lord Sugar who was one of the other people on the longlist,’ he tweeted. ‘To be fair to him he’s had a very massive crush on his face for quite some time from a 2-ton anvil that landed on it 50 years ago, rendering it such an abomination.’

He even took the opportunity to throw a dig at rapper Kanye West and his reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian, adding: ‘I feel for him and I feel for Kanye West, poor old Kim Kardashian’s woken up to the fact that more people fancy me than her husband, that’s not a good morning for her.’

He continued: ‘I feel for Ed Sheeran, you can sing nice songs buddy but you ain’t a crush. Ant and Dec – both of them combined couldn’t beat me. I keep coming back to one word… landslide.’

The ever-so-humble Piers then ended his thread of tweets by clarifying whether his new title would go to his head, saying: ‘I’m a very modest guy by nature and I think I’ll probably just keep it very quiet and not tell anybody other than millions and millions of people the moment the embargo has been lifted.’