19 fun picture round ideas for all your pending Zoom quizzes

Quiz nights are a great way to get together with a large group of friends or family, and picture rounds always go down a storm (plus, they work on Zoom and in real life!). If you’re on the hunt for quiz pictures and ideas for a visual round, then look no further – we’ve rounded up the best to provide you with inspiration!

picture round ideas
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19 fun picture round ideas to play with friends and family

1. Super zoom

Take photos of common household objects close up to obscure them and see if your friends can guess what they are. You can also find plenty of macro (close-up) shots on Google, too.

2. Who’s who? Family edition

Picture round ideas don’t come much more personal! Gather old family photos and obscure the faces to see who can tell who’s who.

3. Who’s who? Celeb edition

Same as before but with images of celebrities – take iconic shots, such as stills from movies or well-known pap shots, pixelate or obscure the faces and see who knows their celebs the best. Dab-hands at Photoshop could also copy and paste pictures of their fellow contestants’ faces into the images.

4. One for the bookworms

Can you tell the book just from the cover art if the title and author are removed? Find out who’s the biggest bookworm once and for all. This also works well with movie posters and album covers.

5. Chocoholics

We all have our favourite chocolate bar, but can you tell which is which when the packaging is removed? Take photos of classic chocolate bars either whole or sliced in half to see the inside for this round.

6. Name that movie

Cinema lovers will be great at this – take stills from iconic movie scenes and get your friends to guess the film title. This also works well with foreign movie posters – they’re often really different to the UK one and much harder to identify than you’d think!

7. Name that song

Same as above, but take still shots from famous music videos to test your friends musical knowledge – plus it’s a great way to earn double points for getting the artist and song title correct. We’ve got even more music-themed quiz rounds here.

picture round ideas
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8. Baby photos

Can you guess the celebrity from their baby photos? A quick google search will return plenty of celeb baby pics and will keep your fellow quizzers guessing for ages.

9. Celebrity caricatures

You know their faces from photoshoots, but how about when they’ve been sketched and exaggerated? Some are pretty obvious, but others will leave them baffled.

10. Where am I?

Use Google Images to gather pictures of landmarks from around the world and see who knows their geography. To make it harder, use Google Earth to zoom in on the points of view from a landmark and get people to guess where they’re ‘stood’.

11. Logos

Show your mates famous logos we see everyday with the brand name removed to really test their knowledge of the world around them.

12. Flora and fauna

Images of unusual animals and plants could keep your friends and family scratching their heads for some time.

13. Who said that?

A great one to play with close friends, delve into the social media archives and take screenshots of old tweets and Facebook statuses, then get them to guess who said what. Hilarity, and possible embarrassment, will likely ensue.

14. Cartoon characters

We all know Tweety Bird and Mickey Mouse, but can your teams remember the names of more obscure animated characters, like the parents from Rugrats, or all of the Wacky Racers?

15. Name the breed

Dogs or cats work best for these picture round ideas, but you could get niche if you think your friends can handle it! Pick a handful of lesser-known breeds and see if they can guess their names. As a bonus, the research process for this one is seriously adorable.

16. What’s the connection?

Show everyone pictures of two famous people – they don’t have anything immediately in common at first glance, but there is a hidden link. Can they work out what it is?

17. Emojis

Put together the name of a film or book or other catchphrase using nothing but emojis. It’s everyone else’s job to work out what the little icons represent.

18. Spot the difference

There are hundreds of these online – find two versions of the same image with very subtle changes and see if everyone can spot what’s been altered.

19. Social media pics

Another social media-based round best played with close friends, scroll back through the your friends’ social media timelines and see what beautiful (read embarrassing) photos you can find, then get them to guess the year it was taken. Bonus points if you can explain what’s going on in the photo eg. the first time that person got drunk, last day of school etc.

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