Houmous, olives and sushi: The most popular picnic food ideas for your next spread

The best picnic food ideas combine portability, longevity and visual appeal, as well as delicious flavour. But as al fresco dining dominates summer 2020 so that we can all responsibly abide by social distancing measures, what are we actually packing in our baskets?

picnic food ideas
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A new survey from Warburtons, conducted to mark National Picnic Week, has revealed the contemporary buys we’re adding to staples like crisps and sandwiches, including houmous, olives, quinoa salad, Spanish tortilla and even sushi.

Vegetarian food also takes centre stage in a lot of spreads, with vegetarian sausage rolls and pies making the list alongside more traditional options like pork pies and Scotch eggs.

picnic food ideas
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The survey took into account the opinions of 2,000 adults, many of whom said they cooked homemade treats of their picnics: 43 per cent of those making sausage rolls, 35 per cent baking a quiche and more than a third whipping up some scones.

65 per cent had already had a socially distanced picnic with people outside of their household, many holding the gatherings in their own gardens, and a fifth even said this has replaced going out for meals.

So if it’s your turn to host and you’re stuck for inspiration for crowd pleasing dishes that will really impress, here’s all the inspiration you need. These are the 50 most popular picnic ideas in the UK today – from classics like cocktail sausages and coleslaw to relative newcomers like stuffed peppers and falafel.

50 of the most popular picnic food ideas

1. Crisps
2. Sandwiches
3. Sausage rolls
4. Cherry tomatoes
5. Rolls/baps
6. Pork pies
7. Scotch eggs
8. Slices of cheese e.g. cheddar, halloumi
9. Cocktail sausages
10. Hard boiled eggs
11. Coleslaw
12. Quiche
13. Baguettes
14. Potato salad
15. Chicken drumsticks
16. Cuts of meat e.g. beef
17. Carrot sticks
18. Pasta salad
19. Dips e.g. sour cream and chive
20. Wraps
21. Crackers
22. Houmous
23. Pizza
24. Olives
25. Nuts
26. Cornish pasties
27. Breadsticks
28. Cheese scones
29. Pastries e.g. spinach parcels
30. Celery sticks
31. Savoury tart e.g. caramelised onion tart
32. Pitta bread
33. Chutney
34. Vegetarian sausage rolls
35. Pate
36. Bagels
37. Greek salad
38. Flatbread
39. Feta salad
40. Falafel
41. Pâté
42. Vegetarian pies
43. Avocado salad
44. Spanish tortilla
45. Stuffed peppers
46. Focaccia
47. Sushi
48. Quinoa salad
49. Waldorf salad
50. Broad bean salad