The nation’s top 10 pet peeves when working in an office

The pandemic forced many of us to work from home, and while it was under scary, difficult circumstances, we did get extremely used to the extra time in bed (goodbye commute!), wearing an elasticated waistband 90 per cent of the time, and not having to engage in office politics.

Whether you were one of the first people desperate to get back in the office when restrictions lifted, or begrudgingly returned with tupperware lunch in hand, it was a bit of a shock to the system. Somehow, after-work drinks and the heaving snack table hadn’t disappeared from our minds, but all the annoying parts of working in an office had. Dirty dishes left on desks? Ew. A two-hour meeting that could have been a two-paragraph email? Rude.

people working in an office
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UK coffee machine retailer Coffee Friend surveyed over 2,000 adults to find the UK’s biggest pet peeves in the office. And it turns out the thing we can’t stand the most is dirty dishes piled up in the sink. One in 10 workers also vented their frustration over co-workers never offering to make a tea or coffee but always accepting one.

Other top office pet peeves include poor room temperature, passive aggressive notes being left around the workplace, and co-workers leaving (and forgetting) food in the fridge.

See the full list of annoying office habits below…

Top 10 office pet peeves

  1. A sink piled with dirty dishes, cups, and cutlery
  2. Poor room temperature (i.e. no heating, too much air-con)
  3. Holding meetings to discuss things that could be sent in an email
  4. Co-workers who heat up smelly foods in the microwave
  5. Co-workers who never offer to make tea/coffee but always want one
  6. Passive aggressive emails/notes being left on office cleanliness
  7. Your food being stolen from the fridge
  8. People who leave their food in the fridge indefinitely
  9. Co-workers who chew loudly while at their desks
  10. Co-workers signing their name on birthday cards but never contributing any money