Is Pét-Nat the new prosecco? What you need to know about the natural sparkling wine

We’ve been spoilt with one new wine invention after the other this summer. First it was chilled red wine, then we were introduced to orange wine and blue wine, and now? Say hello to Pét-Nat – yet another new type of wine popping up on swanky bar menus across the country.

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Dubbed as ‘hipster bubbles’ by wine lovers, Pét-Nat (short for Pétillant Naturel) is a natural wine which means it has been made with minimal (if any) intervention from the winemaker, who instead leaves nature to do its job and develop the finished product. While this has been a rising trend as of late due to a high demand in natural wines, Pét-Nat differs from the rest because it is fizzy.

Pét-Nat is made with naturally low alcohol and no added sugar or preservatives, making it a healthier alternative to prosecco, which often contains a lot of sugar. Created in France, Pét-Nat wines come in all colours, but most commonly in white or rosé. Despite its recent rise in popularity, it has been enjoyed by the French for centuries.

As for how it’s actually produced? As reported by MailOnline, the wine is bottled unfinished, before all the sugar in the wine has been fermented into alcohol. It then continues fermenting in the bottle, creating more carbon dioxide – the bubbles. Once the unfinished Pét-Nat wine is in the bottle, all the winemaker has to do is pop on a crown cap (rather than a cork or screw top) and wait for the end result.

The finished natural wine is less bubbly than traditional sparkling wines such as champagne or cremant because it is only left to ferment once (as opposed to the others which are fermented twice), making the bubbles softer.

You may have spotted Pét-Nat being served at bars and restaurants in the UK – but could it take the place of our beloved prosecco? It’s possible, but we believe there’s room for both – so get on board and try some of the below options available now.

5 Pet Nat Wines To Try Now

Maison 54 Pét Nat, £15, Borough Wines

The Naturalist 2016 Pet Nat, Cambridge Road, New Zealand, £23.85, Organic Wine Club

Pet Nat VdF 2017, Chateau Tour des Gendres, Bergerac, France, £17.95, Organic Wine Club

Loxarel A Pèl Xarel·lo 2017, £10.81, Vinssimus

F Fuchs Und Hase Pet Nat Volume 1, £24, Forest Wines