There’s a 4,000 person waiting list for this home hair-dye kit for brunettes

Dyeing your hair at home is an easy, convenient solution for thousands of people across the country – hey, even famous faces like Davina McCall do it from time to time. But if you haven’t yet found the perfect kit for your needs, one product from the US could hold the answer.

Overtone is a new breed of DIY hair dye – as the brand explains on its website, it’s actually a colour conditioner, meaning that instead of drying or frying your hair like some products, it’s actually super nourishing and moisturising.

The line – which offers global shipping, FYI – is known for its ability to transform natural hair colours like brown and blonde into options like rose gold, peach, copper and even lilac. You simply match your shade to the hue you want it to become, and then use one of its at-home kits to get started.

The product that’s got everyone talking, however, doesn’t actually exist yet, except for in sneak peeks across the brand’s website and social media. Beauty site Allure reports that 4,000 people have already signed up to the waiting list for Overtone’s Purple for Brown Hair colour, which gives brunette hair a gorgeously glossy plum finish without the need for bleach.

Overtone Purple for Brown Hair
Getty Images

‘I’m literally sooo excited for this!!’ wrote one thrilled brown-haired customer. ‘I’ve used your extreme purple [intended for lighter or blonde hair] on my hair before and it just made it look black so I cannot wait for this product to come out!! 💜’

‘ooooooo yessssss purple is what I wanted too!’ another agreed, while a third wrote: ‘The sorcery! 💜😍’


If you also want to send your locks over to the purple side, you don’t have too long to wait; the  $29 Purple For Brown Hair Deep Treatment (approximately £23) and the $18 Purple For Brown Hair Daily Conditioner (approximately £14) will be available from the Overtone website from 23 January.

You’ll also be able to buy both products as a set for $47, or around £37. Click here to sign up to the waitlist and get your order in first (well, at the same time as the other 4,000 eager shoppers, at least).