This sell-out volumising hair spray is coming back to Cult Beauty this week

Flat, lifeless hair can be such a drag, and knowing exactly what to put on it both in the shower and during styling is a real challenge. The good news is that there are a whole host of volume-boosting products available these days to buy to help give things a boost, one of the best of which is OUAI’s Volume Spray.

OUAI’s volume-boosting offering has previously been on sale in the UK, but actually hasn’t been around for a while now as it totally sold out. However, the brand have actually just announced they will finally be restocking the genius product, and will be making it available to buy again from 31 January.

OUAI volume sprayOUAI Haircare Volume Spray, £22, Cult Beauty 

The spray is designed to be used at the roots, to give a boost of volume while still being ultra lightweight. The volume is created by polymers, while the formula also contains conditioning panthenol to add texture and hold, without making hair crispy or hard.

Like all OUAI products, the OUAI volume spray also has an incredible smell, as it’s scented with the brand’s bestselling scent North Bondi. It features bergamot, Italian lemon, and Rose De Mai.

The spray has some seriously impressive views on sites such as Cult Beauty, as well as OUAI’s own website.

‘O B S E S S E D ! If you have fine hair, this will change your hair game forever!!’ one customer wrote on Cult Beauty.

Another added: ‘It’s not a crazy volumizing product, but it visibly gives hair body while remaining bounciness and natural feel of your hair (no crunchiness whatsoever).’

Volume Spray will be available on 31 January on Cult Beauty. It can be bought for £22 in a full size bottle (140ml), or if you want to take it in on your holiday or try it out first before you invest in a big bottle, you can pick up 45ml for £10.