This is what the original Colin the Caterpillar cake looked like in the 1990s

If you’re celebrating a big birthday in 2020, you’re not alone. Everyone’s favourite cake Colin the Caterpillar first entered the world 30 years ago, and will celebrate his big day on Wednesday 26 August.

In honour of this truly momentous occasion (frankly, we’re surprised it’s not been petitioned as a national holiday), Marks & Spencer have released images of what the original Colin the Caterpillar cake looked like when it launched, and boy, has he come a long way since then.

original Colin the caterpillar cake

The 1990s Colin might still have recognisably been a caterpillar, but he came complete with a circular disc of icing instead of the chunky chocolate face (which you can now buy in bags in store, FYI), and dots of piped icing in place of the contemporary Colin’s chocolate beans.

But whether you fondly remember the original Colin the Caterpillar cake through the lens of nostalgia or not, there’s no denying that in 2020, we’re definitely a nation of Colin fans – M&S now sells more than 450,000 Colin the Caterpillar cakes every year (and more than 175,000 of his wife Connie).

Colin the caterpillar cake birthday

Over the years, the store has also released miniature versions of both caterpillar cakes, as well as Easter, Halloween and Christmas editions of Colin, all of which have captured the hearts of shoppers across the country. In fact, the popularity is so widespread that you can even get giant Colin and Connie cakes for your wedding day.

Colin the caterpillar faces

He’s been there for us all through so many celebrations, it’s only right that we help him mark his own upcoming milestone in style. In a press release from M&S, Colin ‘said’: ‘I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! I’m always out and about celebrating friend’s birthdays and now I get to celebrate my own!’

Happy birthday Colin – we’ll be raising a slice to you on Wednesday.