25 easy organisation tips for every area of your life

Keeping every inch of your house in order isn’t always possible – but with these organisation tips for every area of your home, you can get a lot closer to achieving that goal than you might expect.

These quick, inexpensive hacks for your kitchen, bathroom, study and everywhere inbetween will make this year your most neat and tidy yet. Now you just have to get everyone else you live with to keep it that way…

1. Store pantry ingredients in clear jars

It looks nicer, fits in the cupboard better, and makes it easier to see when you’re about to run out.

2. Hang hooks to store your pans vertically

Aside from the obvious space saving, this trick makes pots much easier to grab and go.

3. Use a magazine rack to store tin foil and clingfilm

The backs of doors are majorly underutilised when it comes to storage.

4. Do the same for your cutting boards…

Getting them off the work surface will instantly make everything look less cluttered.

5. …and your baking trays

No more unstacking to find the pan you’re after.

6. Use dividers to keep Tupperware in check

If you’ve ever lost a precious lid, you’ll know why this is necessary.

7. Fit a tension rod under your sink and use it to hang spray bottles

Once it’s in, you can use the space underneath for smaller items.

8. Hanging essentials from shelves can save you surface space too

Hang useful rolls of anything, from paper towels to bin bags.

9. Store each set of bedlinen inside a pillowcase from that set

No more searching on sheet change day.

10. Use a bedside caddy to keep helpful items close by

This one is £23.56 from The Container Store (and they ship to the UK!)

11. Fold clothes vertically to save space in overstuffed drawers

Plus, you can see everything that’s in there at a glance.

12. Turn all of your hangers backwards at the start of the year

When you wear something, leave the hanger around. In 12 months time, donate anything that’s still hanging backwards.

13. And speaking of hangers…

They’re great for sunglasses too.

14. Hang baskets for easy, convenient storage

Never take a shower and then realise you don’t have a towel to hand again.

15. Sort and label your products by category

Baskets are your friends everywhere, really.

16. Keep tubes of shampoo and shower gel neat and orderly

Ring hooks and rods like these are cheap and interchangeable.

17. Stash your hair products in a cutlery tray

It’s the perfect shape for hairbrushes, spray bottles and the like.

18. And get an ice cube tray for your earrings

Or any precious small items, really.

19. Hanging shoe racks are also very handy

Look for waterproof material before you buy.

20. Hang your electrical items over hooks

Straighters and curlers, sorted.

21. Hair elastics can be kept under control

Carabiners to the rescue!

22. Use bulldog clips to keep wires in check

On the side of your desk or a bedside table.

23. Label them with washi tape so you know what’s what

Phone, iPad, battery pack, no problem.

24. And keep whatever you’re not using together with cardboard covers

Finally tackle the unsightly mess of wires.

25. Organise your wrapping paper with a hanger and a garment cover

The genius idea you never knew you needed!