Olly Smith’s bargain white wines for summer

My money is on white wine from Europe – we’re blessed by centuries of winemaking knowhow with a diverse range of grapes to choose from, just over the Channel. With attention on prices, some terrific bargains are yours to be had – just give them half an hour in the fridge; if you over-chill you risk muting the flavours. And break out to Portugal and Greece for future classics before prices catch up.

Best bargain white wines for summer

WINE OF THE WEEK: ASPRI PETRA GREEK ASSYRTIKO 2021 (13%), £6.99, Aldi. Magnificently fresh white wine that’s a total steal as well as world-class refreshment.

DUFFOUR PÈRE ET FILS CÔTES DE GASCOGNE 2021 (11.5%), from £6.99, Majestic. A pink grapefruit powered by a fruit-fuelled dynamo, this is exotic and invigorating.

THE BEST MUSCADET SÈVRE ET MAINE 2021 (12.5%), £8, Morrisons. A lemony, light and lovely French bargain. Serve this cold with shellfish.

FINEST VIÑAS DEL REY ALBARIÑO 2021 (12.5%), £9.50, Tesco. Dazzling as a luminous nectarine, this coastal white is packed with breezy brilliance.