Oliver Bonas’ bestselling oil diffuser is finally back in stock

We are living in some of the most stress-inducing times many of us will have ever faced. And as we continue to battle through yet another lockdown, some of us will be turning our focus back to self-care — and anything we can pick up to help us in this feat is very much welcomed. 

Enter: the bestselling essential oil electric diffuser by Oliver Bonas, which is finally back in stock. The diffuser sold out before Christmas, but is back to ease our 2021 worries. Coming in an understated grey and a chic peachy pink hue, the diffuser is designed to mist and infuse a room with your chosen essential oil fragrance. 

Not only will the diffuser act as a brilliant scent-spreader, it also looks incredibly sophisticated as a decorative accessory. It has a ceramic cover and ridged finish, and as mentioned, comes in two colour options depending on your taste and interiors style. 

Grey Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser, £45, Oliver Bonas

The handy design has time settings, meaning you can leave it to do its work without worry. These include settings for 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, or three. As well as scent, the diffuser also works to spread a sense of calm with its different colour light settings; you can pick from white, blue, green, and yellow. 

Peach Pink Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser, £45, Oliver Bonas

Fans of Oliver Bonas have gone wild for this diffuser; a fact which is evident when checking out the reaction on Instagram. The announcement that it was finally back in stock garnered thousands of likes and comments, with shoppers hoping to get their hands on it this time around. Online reviews of the product are also positive, with 275 reviews averaging out at five stars. 

Moonlit Palms Coconut & Vanilla Fragrance Oil, £6.50, Oliver Bonas

For those thinking of buying a diffuser, you can also pick up a range of essential oils to use with it from Oliver Bonas. Scents include this coconut and vanilla offering, which we are very tempted by…