One of these ‘magic in a bottle’ dark spot toners sells every three minutes

There are some beauty products that totally live up to the hype they create, and which often cause total chaos among fans. The Ole Henriksen range fits into this description, and caused mass beauty hysteria when it re-launched back into Boots in 2019 after a lengthy hiatus from the UK.

The range was so popular in fact, that it was said to have a waiting list of a cool 10,000 people before it even launched. And while the whole line garnered a whole load of attention and five star reviews, there was one product which appeared to stand out above the rest.

Ole Henriksen Toner

Ole Henriksen Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner, £22,

The Ole Henriksen Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner is said to have sold out in just four days after it first launched onto the Boots website, and has been in high demand ever since. Allure now reports that one sells every three minutes, so the formula is definitely doing something right for a lot of people.

The toner, which retails for a mid-range £22, comes in a blue bottle with a white lid unlike many of the brand’s best known products, which come in vibrant orange packaging. The formula is designed to be used as a toner in the morning and the evening, and can be poured onto a cotton pad and swiped over the face for best results.

As well as targeting dark spots (as its name suggests), this toner is ideal for skin that needs to be smoothed, refined, and brightened. It features AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to gently exfoliate as it’s applied, and also includes ingredients such as sandalwood, witch hazel and lemon, which explains its zesty citrus scent.

The toner has garnered over 1,000 reviews on the Boots website, which is an impressive feat lone for a product that’s only been around for just under a year. What’s more, the majority of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

One reviewer called the potion ‘magic in a bottle,’ while another said that ‘NOTHING works as well as this little gem.’

Luckily, the toner is back in stock now and can be ordered online at Snap it up before it’s gone again!