‘Octopus’ hair is set to be one of the biggest hair trends of 2022

Last year we saw the return of the mullet – albeit a modernised version – thanks to Miley Cyrus, and at the end of the year we saw a wave of ‘wolf cuts’, a hair cut characterised by lots of choppy layers and a heavy fringe.

Now, for 2022, Pinterest has predicted that ‘octopus hair’ is going to rocket up the hairstyle request list, particularly among Gen Z-ers, as searches for ‘octopus cuts’ has doubled on Pinterest in just one month.

But what is octopus hair? The octopus haircut is an evolution of the shag, mullet and wolf cuts of late – it’s still a top-heavy cut with lots of short choppy layers on top, but with less texture and more length. It’s name comes from the octopus or jellyfish-like shape of the cut – heavy on the top section with thinner, ‘tendril’-like lengths coming through from underneath.

Those currently rocking great examples of shaggy octopus hair include Billie Eilish and Squid Games’ HoYeon Jung. Experts recommend that you have at least shoulder-length hair to begin with to achieve a good octopus cut and it works best with naturally-straight to wavy hair. One thing to note is that, while it’s a cut that doesn’t require regular upkeep as it grows out quite naturally, it is a fairly high maintenance hairstyle in terms of everyday styling. The more laidback among us looking for something similar will get on better with the lower maintenance seventies shag.

Pinterest’s 2022 upcoming trends report also noted that searches for ‘short hair mohawk’ have doubled and ‘mullet hairstyles’ searches have increased by 190 per cent. Understandably, those who remember the mullet the first time round may decide to give this one a steer…

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