Nutella is looking for chocolate taste testers and you can apply now

Chocolate firm Ferrero just won the award for best job vacancy to ever exist with its latest opening, and we don’t say that lightly. The Italian company behind global brands like Nutella and Kinder is looking for a Nutella ‘sensory judge’ – and yes, the job is as good as it sounds.

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Ever wondered what it would be like to get paid to do the things you love the most in life like say, sleeping, watching Netflix or eating chocolate perhaps? Well, the latter is now an actual job you can apply to. As advertised by Soremartec Italia Srl, Ferrero’s research and development sector, the company is looking for 60 people to taste test its growing range of confectionery products. All you need on your CV is a strong history of a sweet tooth and y’know, an enthusiasm for chocolate.

As stated in the job description, the role is designed for candidates ‘who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut grains and other semi-finished sweet products.’ The lucky chosen ones will spend three months on a paid course learning how to taste and smell the full repertoire of Ferrero’s chocolate treats before a further selected few will go on to assume a part-time role with the firm, covering two days (of heaven) a week.


This is the first time the company has opened up the vacancy to external candidates with no chocolate-tasting experience, according to La Reppublica, who report that Ferrero usually hire internal candidates for the temporary position.

Applications are open here, but before you rush off to apply, there are a few potential setbacks you should know about. First up, you’d have to pack your bags and relocate as the job is based in the remote town of Alba, in Italy’s Piedmont region. Secondly, the job is for Italian speakers only. So you’ll need to either already be fluent or be a really fast learner.

Sadly, that rules a lot of us out. But we can dream.