Numerology: Does your birth date decide your fate?

Every one of us is born with a personal ‘cosmic code’, as unique as our thumbprints, says numerologist Kaitlyn Kaerhart. Decipher it and you can discover your life’s purpose and even predict your future.

What is numerology?

Numerology is an ancient branch of esoteric wisdom similar to astrology, but instead of looking to the planets for answers, numerology finds meaning through numbers. It has existed for as long as we’ve had numerals and was found in ancient societies including China, India and the Roman Empire. Numerologists were consulted regularly before the rise of Christianity, which banned anything that was thought to be occult. When you stop to think about it, the universe is constantly sending us messages through numbers. Scientists measure time and space, sound and light through mathematical equations. We are interpreting numbers all the time, whether consciously or subconsciously.

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How numerology works

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras was one of the first to popularise the study of numbers. He created the Pythagorean numerology system that uses the Western or Latin alphabet and the numerals 1 to 9. Each letter of the alphabet is linked to one of these numbers.

Numerology operates on the belief that we choose our birthdays based upon our experiences in past lives. It’s why the most important figure in numerology is your Life Path Number (which is based on your birth date). It can help to reveal the foundation of your life and the person you are meant to become. It offers insight into your gifts, strengths, weaknesses, talents, the challenges you will face and, ultimately, your calling.

Use the box below to work out your Life Path Number. Remember every number must be reduced to a single digit unless it is a Master Number – 11, 22 or 33 (see far right). Then find out what your Life Path Number reveals about you…

How to calculate your life path number using numerology

Write down the numbers in your birthday (day + month + year), then reduce them to a single digit by adding the numbers together. If you get a double digit, add the numbers again – you may need to do this a couple of times until you have a single digit (unless it is 11, 22 or33, see opposite).

Once you have the day, month and year reduced to a single digit, you add those numbers together.

The sum of those numbers equals your Life Path Number.

For instance:

  • 17 December 1990 (17-12-1990)
  • 17: 1+7=8
  • December: 1 + 2=3
  • 1990: 1+9+9+0=19; 1+9=10; 1+0=1
  • TOTAL: 8+3+1=12; 1+2=3

1. The independent leader

Key terms: innovation, leadership, independence, imaginative, creative.

The 1s are society’s initiators, innovators and visionaries. Highly creative and intuitive, 1s are constantly thinking outside the box, while remaining razor sharp and focused on goals.

New ideas and new beginnings feature prominently in the life of a 1 but they can feel very isolated. Life Path 1 will stumble and fall more than most and often feel misunderstood and that they don’t fit in. It’s not that they aren’t liked, it’s simply that they think differently. If you are a Life Path 1 self-doubt will be your biggest struggle, so learn to embrace your uniqueness and trust yourself.

Famous 1s: Prince Harry, Arianna Huffington

Prince Harry

2. The peacekeeper

Key terms: sensitive, partnership, harmony, diplomacy, tact.

The most resilient number, the 2 leads with the heart just as much as with the rational mind. ‘Slow and steady wind the race’ could be one of Life Path 2’s mottos. Humble and genuine, the 2 is happiest when supporting others. Partnership and collaboration are also very important through romance or career.

The 2s dislike confrontation but, by avoiding conflict, feel they no longer have a voice, so it is important that they resolve issues without compromising their own needs.

The 2s also put their heart and soul into everything with the expectation that things will work out, so if plans go awry, they can feel hurt and discouraged. The key to 2s finding peace is for them to realise that they must leave room for error and focus on balance in all areas of life.

Famous 2s: Pierce Brosnan, Jodie Foster

3. The communicator

Key terms: creative, enthusiastic, inspirational, motivational.

Known as the ‘sunshine number’ because 3s are animated, excitable and have an enthusiastic attitude that is highly infectious. These are the true lovers of life. The number 3 has always been considered sacred – so if your path is 3, mysticism could play a role in your life.

The 3 can get caught up in negative aspects of self-expression, becoming judgmental and indulging in gossip. This Life Path tends to be more emotionally sensitive and highly empathetic, soaking up the emotions of all those around them and this can cause them to shut down.

The 3s must learn the art of patience while dealing with conflict. Their greatest challenge is to remember to always shine their light and communicate their most authentic self, regardless of how it is received.

Famous 3s: Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran.

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4. The builder

Key terms: practical, analytical, dependable.

The 4s create systems that make a positive impact on themselves and society as a whole – they are the builders and teachers among us. Their destiny is to achieve great success through unrelenting hard and challenging work.

They shine brightest when they have a strict routine. The 4 can be inflexible, stubborn and resistant to change, believing that their way is the only way. In a 4’s mind, they always know what’s best. It is important that they learn not to project their incredibly high standards on to others and especially not to hold themselves to standards that simply are not attainable.

Famous 4s: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Elton John.

5. The traveller

Key terms: impulsive, courageous, free-spirited.

Ah, the adventurous, lively and freedom-seeking 5! If this is your path, expect to ride a cosmic wave of constant change and transformation throughout your lifetime. The 5 is the most adaptable of all the numbers and always up for any challenge.

Travel plays a huge role in their destiny. They are not meant to stay in one place – or job – for their whole life. A 5’s gift is in pushing the boundaries and showing others that it’s OK to do the same.

But 5s run the risk of giving in to hedonism and can be easily distracted, juggling too many projects at once and prioritising immediate gratification above all else. They need to understand their limitations and recognise that some self-restraint is required to have a healthy relationship with freedom.

Famous 5s: Angelina Jolie, JK Rowling, Russell Brand.

6. The nurturer

Key terms: responsible, motherly, feminine.

This is the most love-centred number, aside from Master Number 33 (see far right). These are the people who will go to the ends of the earth for those they care about. Their purpose is to learn how to strike a balance between what they give and what they receive, and between a loving home and a satisfying work life.

The 6 has incredible strength and is not afraid to show it, especially when protecting loved ones. But their shadow side is that they can give too much of themselves until there’s nothing left.

If you are a 6, you may struggle with perfectionism and idealism and can hold yourself to unreasonably high standards. You also have a tendency to place others on a pedestal, only to be disappointed when you learn that everyone has faults.

Lean into the relationships that feel balanced and let the rest go – and remember, no one is perfect.

Famous 6s: Victoria Beckham, John Lennon.

Victoria Beckham

7. The seeker

Key terms: introvert, knowledge, truth, spirituality.

Incredibly private, 7’s journey is often a solitary and inward one. They have an incredible gift of being able to ignore the outside world and stay focused on their mission.

They want to be in control of how others see them and do not want their personal business out in the open. This can sometimes lead to them being reclusive or isolated.

In order to reach their fullest potential, 7s need to learn to trust their gut feeling enough to share their vision with the world.

Famous 7s: Leonardo DiCaprio, Janet Jackson, Julia Roberts.

8. The powerhouse

Key terms: money, power, discipline, ambition.

When you meet a Life Path 8, you usually know it. There is an intense energy about 8s – they go after what they want with an insatiable hunger. The 8 is incredibly ambitious and understands the power of perseverance and being goal-oriented.

The Life Path 8 is the bridge between the material and spiritual world. They are here to master the art of success through money and status, but they run the risk of being overly materialistic and can lose sight of what truly matters. The 8s can also be reckless with money. Staying grounded with a strong sense of purpose will allow the 8 to have a healthy relationship with money.

If you are a Life Path 8 you should try to come from a place of compassion. You are abundant and ambitious with significant power – channel this into doing good for the world.

Famous 8s: Jane Fonda, Harry Styles.

Harry Styles

9. The humanitarian

Key terms: philanthropist, idealist, sacrifice, integrity.

An incredibly transformative and very powerful number, the 9 is philanthropic and driven by a desire to give back. It is not an easy path to walk, but the 9’s eagerness to help others and make the world a better place is genuine.

The shadow side of 9s is that they forget themselves in their quest to be of service to others, leading to them taking on too much, which can end in burnout and being overwhelmed. This path should not carry the weight of the world on its shoulders.

The 9 is also the number associated with endings and has a running theme of sacrifice. This can be an incredibly painful and challenging process. The more 9s try to hold on to things that are not in alignment with their future, the more resistance they meet. The 9s must learn that sometimes holding on to attachments causes more pain than letting go.

Famous 9s: Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Yoko Ono

The master numbers

These are calculated in the same way as the other life path numbers. The only time you would not reduce your final number to a single digit is if you reach 11, 22 and 33. These are the master numbers, they carry a powerful frequency that can bring about big change in the world.

11. The psychic

Key terms: spiritual leader, supernatural, insightful.

The 11s are highly intuitive. These numbers are connected to the cosmos and have access to ancient, universal wisdom. Life Path 11 is linked with spirituality. To be an 11, you must have spent many lifetimes accruing spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

Famous 11s: Michelle Obama, Orlando Bloom.

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22. The master builder

Key terms: architect, power, methodical, intuitive.

The Life Path 22 is the most powerful number in all of numerology: here to architect an empire that will help shift humanity for the better. They are the overseers of change and destined to become experts in their chosen fields. They have the greatest capacity of all numbers to manifest their vision into reality.

Famous 22s: Richard Branson, Tina Fey, Paul McCartney.

33. The enlightened Nurturer

Key terms: unconditional love, kindness, visionary.

The ultimate care giver, 33 is love in its purest form. Accomplished healers and guides, they are here to master unconditional love for themselves then give that unconditional love to others. The 33 is the champion of the underdogs, fighting injustice and inequality wherever they see it.

Famous 33s: Steve Irwin, Meryl Streep.

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