These Not On The High Street products are being hailed as ‘game-changers’

Not On The High Street is regularly one of our first ports of call for a unique and special gift from an independent business. And every year they hold their annual Not On The High Street Make Awards, which shines a spotlight on the makers and products that have particularly caught their eye in the past year.

All 53 of the finalist products will blow you away with their ingenuity, creativity and passion – they truly are one-of-a-kind items. We’ve selected some of our favourite picks below, including a plantable children’s book, a yoga block made from flip-flops salvaged from the ocean and beaches and a colour-changing gin that’s more than just a gimmick.

The ‘game-changing’ Not On The High Street Make Awards finalists:

embroidered jewellery box
Not On The High Street

Handwritten Embroidered Message Jewellery Box, £68, Not On The High Street

This extra-special brass jewellery box by Emma Giacalone Textiles can be embroidered with whatever message you wish and she’ll even replicate your exact handwriting for a truly personal touch.

personalised travel print
Not On The High Street

Personalised Travel Adventures Map Print, £55, Not On The High Street

Places & Spaces Art Co. offer a bespoke service where they create unique travel ‘maps’ inspired by your own personal travel memories. You can choose up to 14 different places to represent on your hand-drawn print and you can tell them exactly what it is about that place that you want to be immortalised in the picture, whether that’s a building or a meal.

flip flop yoga block
Not On The High Street

Upcycled Flip Flop Yoga Block, £33, Not On The High Street

Downward Duck (excellent name) provide essential employment in Kenya by handcrafting yoga blocks from flip-flops collected from the oceans and beaches. Each block is made from 21 flip-flops and they even offer personalised designs in terms of sizes and colour schemes.

plantable book
Not On The High Street

Personalised Plantable Carrot Children’s Story Book, £9.99, Not On The High Street

Truly a first-of-its-kind product, the (100 per cent recycled) pages of Willsow’s children’s books are ingrained with seeds so that when planted in the ground, you really can meet the main character (in this case a carrot) of the book – a wonderfully circular product.

colour changing gin
Not On The High Street

Natural Botanical Colour Changing Gin, £37, Not On The High Street

To practice a bit of cocktail alchemy at home, simply mix this Pink Marmalade Gin with tonic – it turns from cool blue to subtle rose pink instantly. Not just a gimmick though, it’s also an unmistakably premium gin made in small batches with 13 choice botanicals.

bespoke pet keyring
Not On The High Street

Personalised Crochet Dog Face Keyring Letterbox Gift, £35, Not On The High Street

Miss your pup when you’re not with them? Lovingly Handmade Crochet will craft an exact (tiny) replica of your pooch’s face as a keyring – each one is totally unique as they work off of photos you send them.

pizza biscuit baking kit
Not On The High Street

Pizza Biscuit Baking Kit, £19.99, Not On The High Street

Reimagining the baking kit game is Craft & Crumb, whose pizza biscuit baking kit is a fun and unique gift or activity for all ages (big and little kids alike).