Hate small talk? You can now book a ‘silent’ haircut

Small talk can be the most excruciatingly awkward thing when you’re not feeling up for it – especially during trips to the hairdressers.

While some people thrive on it and love a chinwag with their stylist, others want to enjoy their treatment in peace and quiet, using the time to browse through their social media feeds or read a pile of glossy magazines.

silent haircut
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But of course, no one wants to come across rude or dismissive, so if you fall into the latter category, how exactly do you politely avoid the unwanted chit chat?

Well, to make things a lot easier for those who’d prefer to cut out the small talk, London-based hairdresser Not Another Salon has come up with the perfect solution by launching silent hair cuts.

This allows customers to choose whether they’d like a ‘silent’ cut or colour when booking their appointment, meaning that your stylist will understand your needs without being offended by your avoidance of conversation.

In this case, the only dialogue between the customer and the hair stylist would be a consultation to discuss what they want to achieve with their hair before proceeding to their desired quiet time.

Opening up about the reasoning behind the new initiative, Sophia Hilton, owner of Not Another Salon said: ‘In order for us to be a true non judgment company we need to consider all our clients needs. With mental health issues on the rise, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn’t be more important.’

Hilton is right. While some simply don’t like small talk, it can also be quite exhausting for others for a variety of reasons, and this way, the decision is down to the individual. Frankly, we’re all for it – we wonder if we’ll see other salons follow suit in future.