Boots launches No7 mystery bundles that are better than half price

Listen up, No7 fans! In an exciting – and mysterious – turn of events, Boots has launched five No7 mystery bundles, all costing £40 each but with a guarantee that the value of the contents is worth at least double that price.

The exact contents of each bundle is top secret, with just a few hints to help you figure out which one to go for.

First, there’s the names. There’s the Mystery Lip Collection, the Mystery Eye & Face Cosmetics Bundle, No7 Favourites Mystery Bundle, Mystery Mixed Beauty Bundle and Mystery Mixed Beauty & Skincare Bundle. So that gives you your first hint of what to expect inside.

No7 mystery bundle 1

No7 Mystery Lip Collection, £40 (worth £93.75), Boots

Then there’s a picture of each bundle, featuring silhouettes of the products so you can have a good guess at what sort of products you’ll be receiving. Additionally, on each product page on the website Boots has listed the product categories included in each bundle. For example, in the Mystery Lip Collection (above), it says there are 8 x No7 Lipsticks, 1 x No7 Retinol Skincare, 1 x No7 Wipes and 1 x No7 Nail Varnish. But any more details are strictly confidential!

No7 mystery bundle 2

No7 Mystery Eye & Face Cosmetics Bundle, £40 (worth £109.80), Boots

We’ll let you in on a secret though: if you squint and zoom in on the images, you can ever so slightly make out the wording on some of the packaging and a hint of colour in the eyeshadow palettes. But who doesn’t love a bit of mystery!

No7 mystery bundle 3

No7 Favourites Mystery Bundle, £40 (worth £105.80), Boots

If you or someone you know is a big fan of all things No7, then these No7 mystery bundles make the perfect treat or present. After all, who doesn’t love a surprise? Even better, each bundle costs £40, but can be worth as much as £123.70 – that’s less than a third of the real price!

No7 mystery bundle 4

No7 Mystery Mixed Beauty Bundle, £40 (worth £103.70), Boots

The No7 mystery bundles are available exclusively online and while stocks last, so hurry to that online checkout to avoid disappointment!

No7 mystery bundle 5

No7 Mystery Mixed Beauty & Skincare Bundle, £40 (worth £123.70), Boots