No7 has a new affordable range of skincare for dry complexions

No7 has had some iconic moments when it comes to skincare, and its latest hydrating range is set to revolutionise how we treat dry skin on a budget.

The new No7 HydraLuminous range first launched last month in February, with two makeup products: the HydraLuminous Moisturising Foundation and matching HydraLuminous Dark Circle Concealer. Fans have no doubt been wondering when the range was going to expand to cover skincare, and they’re now in luck, as an impressive seven new products have been added to the HydraLuminous line.

No7 HydraLuminous The collection revolves around boosting the skin’s hydration levels, therefore features a number of ultra moisturising creams, gels and lotions for day and night time. It also includes two formulations with SPF, as well as the HydraLuminous Water Concentrate, which includes a heavy concentration of hyaluronic acid, and protects against pollution.

As well as claiming to quench skin’s thirst, these new products are also said to provide a noticeable luminous glow to the complexion.

No7 HydraLuminous Take a look here at each of the seven brand new products:

No7 HydraLuminous Water Concentrate, £10, Boots

Use as a hydrating serum before moisturiser, or mix a couple of drops of this in with your chosen cream or gel from the new range for an extra boost.

No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Cream, £10, Boots

A lightweight gel-based cream that hydrates skin but doesn’t feel heavy. Perfect for younger, or more sensitive skin types.

No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel, £10, Boots

The lightest formula in a pot, this is for those who hate feeling a layer of cream on the skin.

No7 HydraLuminous Overnight Recovery Cream, £10, Boots

The richest formula in the bunch, this cream is luxurious and treats skin overnight as you sleep.

No7 HydraLuminous Overnight Recovery Gel Cream, £10, Boots

Also designed to be used overnight, this feels a little lighter but still deeply hydrates.

No7 HydraLuminous Day Lotion SPF 15, £10, Boots

Providing SPF 15, this lotion is lightweight and protective.

No7 HydraLuminous Day Cream SPF 15, £10, Boots

The same SPF protection, yet in a slightly richer formula.