No-work desserts: 7 bowls you can build from store-cupboard staples

Need a pud in a hurry? Annie Bell has got you covered. YOU magazine’s resident culinary queen has come up with seven simple dessert ideas that you can put together in a flash, and using only the simplest of store-cupboard staples. In fact, you probably have the ingredients to make some of them at home already! Whether you prefer fresh fruit, chocolate or a treat that’s somewhere between the two, there’s an idea in this no-work dessert selection that you’re sure to love.

And if you’re entertaining, why not set up a quick dessert station and let your dinner party guests build their own? If this spread won’t make your hosting skills a legend, we don’t know what will…

No-work desserts
Chris Alack

1. Pile up fresh mixed berries, add shaved fresh coconut and scoop over some passionfruit seeds.

2 Serve bought chocolate chip cookies with good quality vanilla ice cream and chocolate curls or sprinkles of your choice.

3 Sandwich your favourite ice cream or sorbet in small brioches or brioche buns. Decorate with fresh mint. 

4 Chop fresh mango, dollop on some coconut yoghurt and scatter over a few chopped pistachios, topping with one or two fresh rose petals for decoration, if wished. 

5 Whip some crème fraîche and swirl through a little lemon curd. Serve with blueberries, mini meringues, crumbled shortbread and a sprinkle of lemon zest. 

6 Decant bought chocolate mousse into pretty serving bowls. Add a blob of whipped cream, a crumbled mini brownie and a few chocolate buttons. 

7 Slice bananas on the diagonal, drizzle over a little dulce de leche, spoon some bought thick custard over the top and dot with a few slivers of fudge.  

Recipe by Annie Bell. Food styling by Clare Lewis. Styling by Sue Radcliffe.