This new star jumping challenge is supporting NHS midwives

Another week, another viral fitness challenge in aid of the NHS. While we’ve got plenty of free time on our hands during lockdown, we’re loving the wave of fitness challenges sweeping across social media, all in aid of supporting hardworking NHS frontline workers and vulnerable people.

star jump
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From #RunForHeroes to #HIITAgainstHit, the premise – doing a short fitness challenge followed by donating £5 to charity, uploading a photo to social media and nominating five friends to do the premise – has really taken off. And for good reason – in times like this it’s easy to feel helpless, so these challenges are a great way to help the cause in a safe and socially-distanced manner.

So once you’ve run your 5K and done your HIIT workout, the next challenge on your to-do list is the #NHSStarJumpers challenge. The brainchild of Tamsin and Isabel who are close friends of Vicki Cochrane, Director of Midwifery & Gynaecology at Chelsea and Westminster, #NHSStarJumpers challenges people to do five minutes of star jumps – sounds easy, but much more challenging in reality.

Doable for all ages, this is a great one for kids and adults alike – film your star jumping (or take a pic at the end) and share it on social media with the hashtag #NHSStarJumpers, nominating five friends to do the same. And don’t forget to donate your £5 (if you can) to the fundraising page. The money raised will go towards supporting the midwifery staff at Chelsea & Westminster hospital who are working tirelessly to help women at one of the most vulnerable stages of their lives.

They’re also asking people to consider drawing a star-themed picture to brighten up the walls of the maternity ward to boost moral – something we’re sure will be appreciated by both the midwives and patients.

Explaining their reasoning behind the campaign, Tamsin and Isabel said: ‘We set up this page because both of us have been lucky enough to have the incredible Vicki Cochrane as our midwife (we have three children each). Vicki is one of the many NHS super stars and now one of our closest friends, living locally in North West London.

‘Vicki is the Director of Midwifery at Chelsea & Westminster and is an inspiration to us all with her compassion and hard work which makes a difference to so many. She has been determined to continue providing her exceptional services to the community despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. We wanted to do something to help her and her incredible staff during these exceedingly difficult times.’

Don’t forget to follow the campaign on Instagram @nhs_star_jumpers. Time to get jumping!