Revealed: The most googled home decor trends of the last year

Having spent more time at home than ever before over the last 12 months, everyone at some point has taken a look around the space they call home and decided something needs to change, be that out of necessity (creating home offices or transforming the dining table into a makeshift classroom), or just a desire to shake up your tired decor (whether that’s an entire renovation or buying a few choice new pieces of furniture or home accessories).

Next has analysed Google search data for hundreds of home decor queries over the past year to determined what the most googled home decor trends were, which in turn tells us a lot about what we can expect to see over the course of 2021.

Top decor styles

Some of the top room themes and general decor aesthetics that saw an increase in searches last year were:

  • French country decor
  • Country cottage decor
  • Scandi style living room
  • Modern farmhouse decor
  • Hygge living room
  • Log cabin decor
French country decor
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Interestingly, more niche search terms that rose dramatically between March and October last year include ‘sparkly home ornaments’ (+125 per cent) and ‘gold decor’ (+82 per cent), resulting in what Susie Gibson, Design Manager for Next Home, identifies as bold chic: where crystal, sparkle, gold and black feature heavily, alongside statement sofas in opulent textures like velvet.

Space-saving design

Of course, 2020 saw many of us convert our kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms into multifunctional home offices, which caused space-saving design and layout to become a necessity.

From March to October last year, the term ‘space saving dining table’ saw a +124 per cent increase in searches, while ‘space saving wardrobe’ increased by +53 per cent.

home office
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Bringing the outdoors in

Considering we all spent a lot more time indoors this past year, it’s not surprising that we’re craving nature and looking for ways to bring that into our interior decor through the addition of houseplants. Amongst the most googled home decor trends were searches for terms such as ‘indoor plant pots’, which saw a 173 per cent increase, ‘indoor hanging baskets’ searches rose by 50 per cent and ‘indoor plant wall’ searches soared by a staggering 425 per cent.

indoor plants
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Interior Designer Nicola Burt says: ‘I think many people have realised the benefits of having organic, living things around them. Plants are not only good to look at and bring life to a space, but many indoor plants have health-giving properties; detoxifying the air so we can sleep better, for example. There has been a rise in awareness of biophilic design and I think this is a trend that will continue.’