Zara just unveiled a brand new logo and customers aren’t happy

Spanish fashion brand Zara has become a staple of high street shopping trips, thanks to its range of trend-led, affordable pieces – but now its made a major change that has left customers feeling disappointed, and it’s nothing to do with the clothes.

Earlier this week, Zara unveiled a new logo, designed by an agency called Baron & Baron, which features a new font and reduced spacing between its four letters, much to the confusion of its fans.

Zara’s old logo has been replaced. Image: Alamy Stock Photo

‘Zara’s new logo is like someone had popped up Photoshop, selected a random serif font and started to play with the letter spacing tool #zara @ZARA,’ one wrote on Twitter, and another agreed: ‘Not a fan of Zara’s new logo, it feels constricting and is almost illegible.’

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‘Zara’s new logo is making me claustrophobic,’ a third commenter, while others begged the store to revert back to the original. ‘Can I urge you to reconsider this new logo @zara ?’ one follower asked on Instagram.

new Zara logo
The new logo, as seen on Zara’s website. Image:

The new logo has even become the subject of many an internet meme suggesting that with each future rebrand, the letters will be set closer together still.

However, there are some suggesting that the new design is a nod towards the brand’s alleged ambitions to focus on higher-end fashion. ‘People need to stop hating on the new #zaralogo – it’s just tryna be more Vogue,’ one declared, referring to the fashion bible magazine.

‘The Zara logo was on the same “art direction” even before their previous update,’ another posted. ‘The overall swift to a bit more “luxurious” brand (now reflecting to this logo update) started about a year ago when they first used older women models. They speak to a different audience.’

Now it just remains to be seen if their predictions are true…