This new wine glass invention is genius for summer

Wine lovers, we’ve got some game-changing news for you. As fellow wine enthusiasts, we understand that drinking outdoors is tricky when you’re sipping out of a traditional wine glass as opposed to a can or a cup. And luckily, so do the people at Firebox.


The retailer has just launched the perfect solution for drinking wine in the pool, the beach or anywhere else you may want to enjoy your favourite tipple this summer – all thanks to their invention that is, the floating wine glass.

As the name suggests, the floating wine glasses are designed to keep your wine upright and free of water meaning you can finally take your drink into the pool with you as you float around. Unlike your usual wine glasses, these special versions are attached to little spears you can wedge into sand or soil. Genius, right?


Floating Wine Glass, £6.99, Firebox

At last, we can all enjoy a summer of hands free drinking, anywhere with penetrable floors – talk about reaching peak relaxation mode!

And of course, the glass isn’t just for wine. You can use it for cocktails, gin and tonics or even a soft drink or some water – whatever your heart desires. It is simply there to make life easier and for that, we love it.


Sure, they may look slightly unstable at first glance. But Firebox promises the glasses will stay put ‘through even the most energetic rough and tumble’ so you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much.

What’s more? You can get your hands on them for just £6.99 each when ordering online. And if you need some inspiration for what to pour in it,  Smith & Sinclair recently introduced a Peach Bellini to their already popular roster of Rhubarb Mimosa and Passionfruit & Elderflower Spritz effervescent tablets. Or why not try one of Asda’s new range of flavoured gins? The options are endless.