The new travel trend families are replacing traditional holidays with this summer

Most family holidays consist of immediate relatives such as parents and their children. But this year, British families are extending their groups by inviting grandparents and sometimes even aunties, uncles and cousins on their summer breaks.

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Yep, multi-generational holidays are the hot new travel trend families are embracing meaning summer is about to feel a whole lot like Christmas.

The new trend was reported by Virgin Holidays, who surveyed 1,000 parents and 1,000 grandparents before ultimately finding that a surprising 70 per cent of the participants had taken a holiday with their extended relatives, while 52 per cent had taken trips abroad with their entire family.

We know, the idea of going on holiday with all of your family members (and we mean that literally) can be quite daunting and sometimes even a recipe for disaster – because let’s face it, all families have domestic dramas – to many of us. Or at least, you’d think that would be the case.

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However, according to the research by Virgin Holidays, 26 per cent of parents actually prefer a multi-generational holiday over a holiday that doesn’t include bringing the grandparents along. Perhaps, this is because they have babysitters at the ready should they want an evening out during their trip? In fact, a third of parents did admit that they like the extra help with the kids. Either way, it seems to be the favoured option. Meanwhile grandparents agree too as the research highlighted that one in four love experiencing a full family holiday instead of a solo trip.

This holiday style has risen in popularity recently and with all jokes aside, it is of course because it allows families to spend quality time together. However, it is also an excellent way to cut holiday costs as prices are split between parents and grandparents, as pointed out by three in 10 of the study’s participants.

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