Booze news: The best new supermarket drinks to sip this season

If there’s one thing British supermarkets do really well, it’s a tipple.

Even the snobbiest of sippers can be swayed by an award-winning gin or bottle of wine, and there are plenty of those to choose from on the shelves. Now that stores have mastered the basics, they’re getting more and more creative, with flavours and finishes that we’d have only dreamed of in years go by – and we couldn’t be more excited to give them a whirl.

With Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course, Christmas itself fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to stock your bar with seasonal drinks that will wow your guests (and your Instagram followers) – so we’ve rounded up the best bottles to start shopping for now. Swizzle sticks and umbrellas at the ready…

Ocado’s Orange Marmalade Gin

Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin, £26, Ocado

Forget spreading it on your toast, try stirring it in to your cocktail! A refined balance of sweet and bitter orange flavours that comes with a warming aftertaste.

Lidl’s Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin


Aber Falls Welsh Gin, £21.99, Lidl

Created with the comforting flavours of rhubarb and ginger crumble, this gin tastes just as delicious as it sounds.

Lidl Spiced Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur

Hortus Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur, £11.99, Lidl

Move over mulled wine – this gin liqueur is best served warm, to bring out its flavour of rich plums, ginger, nutmeg and clove. It arrives in stores this weekend, so move quickly!

M&S Millionaire’s Shortbread Cocktail

Millionaire’s Shortbread Cocktail, £8, Marks & Spencer

The perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, this is all of the layers of crumbly shortbread, sticky caramel and rich milk chocolate in liquid form.

Aldi Colour-Changing Gin

McQueen’s Colour Changing Gin, £19.99, Aldi

This forest-fruit flavour gin is PH reactive, which means it magically turns from blue to pink when a mixer is added to your glass. Seriously impressive stuff for less than £20.

M&S Mince Pie Martini

Mince Pie Martini, £10, Marks & Spencer

A Christmassy cocktail blend of raisins, figs, apples, dried plums, cinnamon, plus the flavour of buttery pastry (sprinkle of icing sugar over the top optional). Not keen on the traditional? There’s also an apple pie version in stores.

ASDA Gingerbread Gin

Extra Special Gingerbread Gin Liqueur, £12, ASDA

Yes, that is glitter you see swirling around in this bottle. This sparkly spirit is infused with notes of ginger and cinnamon – try it in a hot toddy for a wintery treat.

M&S Jaffa Cake Cocktail

Jaffa Cake Cocktail, £10, Marks & Spencer

Made with rum and described as a ‘liquid alcoholic Jaffa cake’, this is every chocolate orange lover’s ultimate new beverage.

Aldi Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream Liqueur

Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream Liqueur, £6.99, Aldi

Aldi’s Halloween-themed take on a Bailey’s from last year is in stores again for 2018. It’s a rich, indulgent drink that pairs Irish whiskey with dairy cream and spices – pour over ice and enjoy.

Sainsbury’s Pomegranate and Rose Gin

Pomegranate and Rose Gin, £16.50, Sainsbury’s

Fancy something a little fruitier? Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference flavoured gin is distilled with aromatic rose and pomegranate – it’s great with an elderflower tonic.

Aldi Chilli and Ginger Gin

Chilli and Ginger Gin, £19.99, Aldi

Can you handle the heat? Hot chilli peppers and zesty root ginger are at the heart of this fiery gin, which is enhanced with botanicals like citrus and coriander.

Morrisons’ Parma Violet Gin

Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin, £25, Morrisons

The taste of adulthood and childhood, bottled. Like the little purple candies, this sweet, floral gin will divide opinion – but for fans, it’s sure to become a firm favourite for 2019 and beyond.