The best new bodycare products for 2022

These pampering bodycare treats are packed with skin-boosting goodies more commonly found in facial products


It isn’t enough to hop into the shower or bath with any old wash. Well, it is, of course – and, personally, I love a bit of Dove Body Wash (yours for £2) or Cussons Imperial Leather Foamburst (it’ll set you back £3.15). But these days body washes are seriously luxurious, with slick packaging and sophisticated ingredients on a par with high-end skincare.

Space NK has seen its bath and body product sales increase by 252 per cent year on year, even as the pace of life has sped up again. A top seller in this category is Nécessaire, a super-sleek-looking range that uses proper skincare ingredients (such as brightening vitamin C and anti- inflammatory niacinamide). Its The Body Wash (£25, is available fragrance-free or with eucalyptus. There’s also a body serum, lotion, oil and scrub. ‘Neck up will always matter because we want to bring our best face forward, but beauty is no longer just about how we look but how we feel, too, so treating ourselves well is important,’ says the brand’s co-founder Randi Christiansen. ‘At Nécessaire we are making bodycare a first rather than an afterthought and using facial-grade ingredients at concentrations proven to achieve better skin, neck down.’

Influencer and general charming girl-about-town Estée Lalonde has launched her own bathing range Mirror Water, which comes in simple but elegant clear glass packaging. The idea behind the offering, says Estée, was ritual and ‘relaxing in a way that’s different and realistic to everyone’s lifestyle. For that reason, I went down the route of “slower” products, such as our Soak Bath Salts (£35, and Smooth Body Oil (£30), which involve a more considered application.’ A wash is in the pipeline.

The duo behind skincare line Votary has launched Verden, a smart body product range that comes in recycled white bottles with sleek black type. It’s based around using ‘natural fragrance in our daily rituals to reconnect with nature and ourselves – the most precious luxury of all’, says co-founder Charlotte Semler. Indeed, the aroma of orange blossom in its D’Orangerie Hand and Body Wash (£35, is a delight.

Meanwhile, Neom has entered the bodycare arena with its zingy Super Shower Power Body Cleanser (£26, Fresh has launched a stylish Milk Body Cleanser (£22, – plus body lotion and hand creamusing plant-based milks to hydrate and support the skin barrier. While at CeraVe, its fab Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser (£21,, which also boosts moisture and cares for even sensitive skin, has been put in a large pump-dispenser Use it on the body and face.