New BBC show Love In The Countryside sees Sara Cox help farmers find love

Finding love isn’t easy, especially when you live in a rural town with a tiny population usually made up of your friends and family. But now a little extra help is at hand thanks to brand new BBC Two show, Love In The Countryside.

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Described as a hybrid between Channel 4’s First Dates and BBC’s Countryfile, the new dating show aims to tackle loneliness in rural communities, and will follow eight single countryside residents as they’re paired with urban suitors in hopes of finding love.

We’ll see the eight contestants, aged between 25 and 59, do everything from setting up online dating profiles to overcoming those first date nerves in their quest for a happy ending. The show, which will be divided up into six-parts, is hosted by TV presenter Sara Cox and airs on BBC Two from Wednesday 2nd May.

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Speaking to the Daily Express, Sara explained that she became attached to the contestants during filming and desperately wants them to find happiness.

‘If we can make that happen, even for just one of them, that’d be spectacular,’ she said. ‘It’s difficult for them to meet new people and find romance because they’re so dedicated to their cattle and sheep or their veterinary practice, or they’re busy putting shoes on horses or breeding world-class pigs.’

The show immediately appealed to Sara as she has witnessed first-hand the hard work that goes into maintaining land due to her father being a farmer.

‘It’s a real calling and a vocation. You definitely don’t do it for the cash or the glamour,’ she said. ‘So I felt I knew the kind of people we’d be dealing with. There’s a genuine warmth to this show and it’s funny and feel-good, but it also investigates how isolated you can be if you live in the countryside in the middle of nowhere.’

Love In The Countryside will air at 9pm on BBC Two on Wednesday 2nd May.