The new £17 foundation by Lush is a complete game-changer


Slap Stick, the new medium coverage foundation from Lush, is a game-changer on multiple levels. Not only is it available in 40 shades to suit all skin tones, it’s 100% vegan AND environmentally friendly. Sounds like a complete winner right?  

The foundations come shaped like a small chocolate egg (or a beauty blender for the makeup buffs out there), with absolutely no plastic packaging but rather coated in a protective, biodegradable wax layer. It’s sold in a reusable and recyclable cardboard box and is made from a blend of pigment and coconut oil which provides the added bonus of nourishment as well as cover.

With its interesting shape it does make you wonder, how on earth do you actually use it? But fear not, it’s actually much more simple than it seems. All you do is unpeel the wax as far down as you need each time you use it, and apply it straight on to the face or use a brush to buff the foundation over the skin.

With these amazing little foundations, Lush are the latest company to launch an inclusive tone range, joining the likes of Fenty Beauty, Bobbi Brown and Hourglass who are expanding further than the blanket foundation shades of light, medium and dark.

When finding the right foundation colour from the new range, typically we’d always advise popping in store for a colour check but Lush have thought ahead. You can go straight onto their website and figure out which is the right shade for you by finding your number and letter (explained below) as well as matching your skin tone with the Lush staff members who have modelled the whole range. Perfect coverage without trekking to the shops. Ideal! 


The numbers and letters work like this: there are four categories of shades (dark, medium-dark, medium-light and light) and within each category there are ten different shades, numbered from the deepest tone (40) to the palest tone (1). Once you’ve figured out your  category and the corresponding number, you then pick your letter. The letters indicate undertone which is the shade of your skin beneath the surface. There are three different undertones to consider: C for cool, N for neutral and W for warm. So, if you’re very pale with a cool undertone, the correct foundation for you may be 1C(ool) but if you’re dark skinned with a warm undertone you may be 35W(arm). 

Slap Sticks are available to buy now at