‘Netflix Wrapped’ allows you to see how many hours of TV you’ve binged this year

The past couple of months, your Instagram feeds and stories may have been inundated with posts related to ‘Spotify Wrapped,’ which allows Spotify users to find out stats like who they’ve been listening to the most this year and which songs were in their top five. While it grew to become a little irritating to hear about everyone else’s listening habits, it was one of those things that was quite fascinating to find out about yourself.

Now if you’re more of a TV-watcher than a music-listener, you also have the chance to learn all about your habits this year with Netflix Wrapped, a Chrome add-on that tells you everything from your favourite genres of the year to which days of the week you switch on the most.

Netflix on laptop
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The add-on is not affiliated with Netflix, instead being created by Niko Draca, a Canadian software engineer. It first went viral on TikTok, and has since become super popular with Netflix users who want to celebrate (or hang their heads in shame over) the amount of TV they’ve watched this year.

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So what can the clever tool tell you? Well, first of all, it breaks down your viewing habits to show you which shows and genres you’ve favoured, as well as revealing the amount of hours you’ve spent watching Netflix this year, and when in the week and year you’ve picked up the remote most. You can even organise the content you’ve watched into age rating, meaning you can find out how many scary movies have made it to the top of your watchlist in 2020.

Netflix Wrapped
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Whatever you’re most excited to find out, downloading the tool is relatively simple, even for those who aren’t super tech-friendly! All you have to do is visit the Chrome Web Store and search for ‘Netflix Wrapped.’ Once you’ve found it, you download it and simply open it in Chrome and press start when you’re on your Netflix profile.

It’s rather important to note here that our Netflix viewing may have had a rather large spike at certain points of the year for obvious reasons, so don’t be too hard on yourself about your extortionate figures!