This Netflix hack will let you watch movies with your friends and family in different houses

Whether you’re in self-isolation in line with government recommendations, or simply practising social distancing as much as possible, you’ll probably be spending a lot more nights in front of the TV than usual for the foreseeable future.

Despite the fact that we’ve all got more viewing material than ever at our fingertips, it can get pretty lonely when you can’t catch up on the latest movies and programmes with your friends and family. So in light of the lifestyle changes being made due to the coronavirus outbreak, the internet has stumbled upon a genius hack that could help you through the next few weeks.

Netflix Party
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Netflix Party is a free service which allows you to sync up your viewing of the latest launches with your nearest and dearest, even when you’re in separate locations. In addition to linking together your playback experience, it also adds a group chat function, so you can discuss that big reveal or excruciating cliffhanger in realtime.

There are some limitations – it’s only available as an extension to your Chrome web browser, so if you want to watch on your TV screen, you’ll need a way to link up your laptop or other Chrome-ready device to enable this.

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However, once it’s installed, it’s super simple to use – you simply select the ‘NP’ button which will be located next to the address bar once it’s installed, and quite literally get the party started. Send out the URL, and others can join you. Simple, but brilliant!

If you want to give Netflix Party a go for yourself, all you need to do is head to and follow the instructions to get set up.

Considering the fact that Netflix dropped a rather staggering 371 new series and movies in 2019 alone, you won’t be short of material for quite some time.