Line of Duty fans will love this new Netflix crime drama starring David Tennant

With just a few weeks to go until autumn and the summer climate pretty much gone now, we’ve got our eyes firmly set on the wave of new TV shows to get our teeth stuck into in the upcoming season.

Between ITV’s highly anticipated Deep Water, which has been dubbed the British version of Big Little Lies, the TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sanditon and the long-awaited third season of The Crown, you may think you already have enough drama to keep you busy.

But you’re wrong, because a new Netflix show has just landed and it’s set to make it to the top of your to-watch list – especially if like us, you’re a big fan of crime dramas. In fact, it has already been compared to Line of Duty.

Criminal is the streaming service’s dark new offering and in a Netflix first, the show has been filmed in four languages across four different countries. Impressed? Wait until you hear the rest.

Here’s everything you need to know before you start watching…

The plot

Criminal consists of 12 unique stories set across four different countries – the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Each country gets three episodes, with each filmed in its own language.

Netflix Criminal

The series has been described by Netflix as a ‘stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama’ which ‘focuses on the intense mental conflict between detectives and suspects.’ Unlike the streaming service’s other crime dramas, the entire show takes place within the confines of a police interview suite, so you can imagine the tension from start to finish.

While Criminal has been written and created by respective talent from each of the four countries, the overall showrunners are Killing Eve’s George Kay and Endeavour’s Jim Field Smith, so you can expect big things.

Netflix Criminal

The cast

The cast will change as the series switches from country to country. In the UK instalments, viewers will be pleased to see the main cast made up of Doctor Who’s David Tennant,  Avengers’ Hayley Atwell, Youssef Kerkour from Homes, and Doctor Foster’s Clare-Hope Ashitey.

Netflix Criminal

Katherine Kelly, who recently starred in hit ITV short-series Cheat, Lee Ingleby from The A Word, Nicholas Pinnock from Marcella, Dark River’s Mark Stanley, Rochenda Sandall Line of Duty and Bodyguard’s Shubham Saraf also guest star in the three UK episodes.

The air date

All 12 episodes of Criminal are available to stream on Netflix now.