The neediest partners in the UK live in these three cities

Relationships certainly don’t have a one-size fits all policy. And as individuals, we all have own ideas of a ‘perfect’ relationship means to us.

While some people like to go with the flow and keep things relaxed, others prefer to receive big gestures and words of affirmation on a regular basis in order to feel a secure commitment.

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With that in mind, new research has revealed the neediest partners in the UK reside, and identified their most crucial requirements in a relationship. The study, conducted by high street popular jeweller Goldsmiths, took into account responses from 2,500 respondents across the country to discover their expectations when it comes to relationships and commitment.

Their results found that Leeds, Southampton and Brighton were the locations with the neediest people, with the majority of partners (65%) stating that they would be put off by a lack of commitment in their relationship, and feel they need some form of grand gesture (a promise ring, for instance) to seal the deal.

In contrast, the study revealed that those living in Sheffield, Glasgow and Plymouth tend to be more committed, with one in five respondents from the cities stating that they are in a stable, committed relationship. So for those looking for a new relationship, the research suggests where you should live for the following…

If you’re after commitment, move to one of these cities
The research showed residents in the following cities as being most willing to commit:

• Leeds
• Manchester
• Norwich
• Bristol
• Birmingham

Looking for a more relaxed relationship? These are the cities for you
In contrast, people living in the below cities are least likely to commit:

• Belfast
• Newcastle
• Cardiff
• Liverpool
• Edinburgh

However, while it’s great to be in an area where people have similar expectations from a relationship as you, don’t forget that true love can be found anywhere!