The nation’s favourite tea brand has been revealed

Here at YOU we love tea. Volunteer to do a tea round and you are the most popular person in the office. Some of our most avid tea drinkers have mugs roughly the size of a small bucket. So a new survey revealing the UK’s tea drinking habits has caused quite a stir (no pun intended).

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The survey by Gala Bingo questioned more than 1000 adults on how and when they have their cuppa(s). Roughly a third (31%) of Brits drink five or more cups a day: the city that knocks back the most is Southampton, while people in Bristol and Newcastle are happy to go an entire day without a cup of tea *shudder*.

A sweet-toothed 18% of respondents take two sugars, while a hardcore 14% have their tea black. And forget Ovaltine, one in ten of us would have a brew as late as 11pm. Our love for tea starts young, with most people having their first sip at the tender age of 5.

The most popular biscuit to accompany? A chocolate digestive. The poor Jammy Dodger, meanwhile, is the least likely to be dunked.

But what about the all important question: which brand does the best tea? Drum roll please…

Taking the crown is PG Tips (26%), followed by Yorkshire Tea (20%) in second place, and then Tetley (18%). We’re guessing this result might provoke some strong reactions.

Using the survey results Gala Bingo has also created a Tea Map of the UK, showing how different regions like their tea. While the people of Norwich want a brew the colour of rich mahogany, the residents of Manchester want a touch more milk in theirs, please. They’ve also analysed the stats to determine what the ‘perfect’ cup of tea should be (and the worst: decaff tea?! What’s the point!)

Take a look at the map below and see if you agree:

Gala Bingo