The nation has officially named its favourite member of the royal family

Kate and Meghan can’t wear a dress without it selling out, while Princes William and Harry charm at every public event they appear at. But it turns out when it comes to the nation’s very favourite royal, Queen Elizabeth II still holds the dearest place in our collective hearts.

According to an annual poll conducted by YouGov, Her Majesty is top of our list when it comes to the most popular member of the historic family, and is especially loved by the baby boomer generation, compared to generation X and millennials.

royal family trooping the colour
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The Queen is followed by her grandchildren, Prince Harry in second place and Prince William in third, followed by William’s wife Kate, ranked fourth, the Queen’s husband Prince Philip in fifth, and Harry’s wife Meghan placing sixth.

The survey was conducted through interviews with more than 9,000 participants between June 2018 and June 2019, and revealed plenty of interesting intel about our perceptions of the royals as individuals.

Participants described Queen Elizabeth II ‘admirable, hard-working, respected, dignified and dedicated,’ while Prince William is viewed as ‘genuine, admirable, responsible and a good role model’. He is also the most famous royal of all, placing even higher than his grandmother, while brother Prince Harry is billed just behind, and known as ‘likeable, humorous, confident and fun-loving.’

the royal family at Christmas
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Kate shares many qualities with her husband, also earning ‘good role model’ status as well as being dubbed ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’ – words that are also associated with ‘charming’ Meghan.

Younger royals Beatrice and Eugenie may have placed towards the bottom of the polls, but they were still given plenty of positive adjectives from critics, including being ‘modern, good-looking, intelligent and well-spoken.’

The nation’s favourite royal, based on popularity

1. Queen Elizabeth II – 72%
2. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex- 71%
3. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge – 69%
4. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge – 64%
5. Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh – 54%
6. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex – 49%
7. Prince Charles, the Duke of Cornwall – 48%
8. Princess Anne – 46%
9. Zara Phillips – 42%
10. Sophie, the Countess of Wessex – 29%
11. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall – 29%
12. Prince Edward – 26 %
13. Princess Eugenie – 25%
14. Princess Beatrice – 24%
15. Prince Andrew – 21%