Natalie Portman reveals what working with Chris Hemsworth is really like on the Thor set

With the latest instalment in the Marvel movie franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder, now out, the cast – which includes Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson – have been doing the interview rounds, giving us a great insight into their daily lives on set, and what they really think of each other.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie portman
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Recently, Natalie and Tessa dropped in for a chat on Capital FM with breakfast show presenters Roman Kemp, Sian Welby and Sonny Jay. Roman was keen to get the two actresses to dish the dirt on their co-star Chris, revealing that the Thor actor is his ‘biggest man crush on this planet,’ but Natalie and Tessa had nothing but nice things to say about him.

‘He’s pretty great, honestly,’ said Tessa, to which Natalie fervently agreed. ‘Even when he’s grumpy, he’s pretty cute.’

Tessa, who plays Valkyrie in the movie, went on to reveal that the actor gets ‘hangry‘ from time to time, but even then she said he’s still ‘sweet’.

Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson
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Natalie, who portrays the character of Dr. Jane Foster, followed up with an anecdote of a thoughtful gesture from Chris for her while on the Thor set.

‘The day we had a kiss scene, he didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m vegan,’ she said, adding ‘and he eats meat like every half hour. Like that was so thoughtful.’

She continued: ‘That’s not something I’m angry about or like care about but he was just being thoughtful… he’s a very nice person.’

To bulk up for the part of Thor, Chris has to consume around 4,500 calories a day, with a lot of that coming from consuming meat ‘every hour on the hour,’ according to Portman.

Tessa commented that she ‘didn’t even know he could go without eating meat,’ adding that ‘he’s just like eating bison in the morning.’

It’s true – his trainer, Luke Zocchi, recently revealed in an Instagram post that working with Chris Hemsworth is like ‘training a thoroughbred horse.’