One of Kate’s favourite discontinued beauty products is coming back

There’s nothing quite as annoying as having your favourite beauty product discontinued – especially if it’s a line that you’ve been loyal to for years.

And it doesn’t just happen to us mere mortals – the Duchess Of Cambridge must have been hit by the same wave of disappointment after finding out that Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette, which was said to be a firm favourite of hers, wasn’t in production anymore.

Kate Middleton
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Kate reportedly loved the shadows so much she recommended them to former First Lady Michelle Obama, but the duo weren’t alone in loving the iconic palette; over the years, it has sold a staggering 30 million units, and caused an uproar among fans when it was taken off the shelves in August. In fact, people were in such a panic to get their hands on the last few, that eBay reported an 83 per cent increase in searches for ‘naked palette’ on the week the news was announced.

That’s why neutral eye compact lovers across the country – including the duchess – will be over the moon to hear that Urban Decay have brought back the popular Naked palette and by the sounds of things, it’s better than ever.

Naked Reloaded palette
Urban Decay

Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, £38, Urban Decay

The Naked Reloaded palette is the new revamped version of the original palette. Much like Naked 1, it combines 12 wearable shades in a mixture of matte and sheeny finishes. However, unlike the original version, Urban Decay have eschewed the accompanying brush in order to make more room for shadow instead.

The ever-so-thoughtful creators have also increased the size of the four shadows likely to be used most regularly so we won’t have to worry about them disappearing ten times faster than the others. Sticking to neutral tones, Urban Decay have also replaced the harsher sooty navy and grey-blue shades found in the original palette, with more soft browns and bronzes for customers to enjoy.

Naked Reloaded also features an entirely new shade called Retro, a cute peachy nude that anyone who is a fan of Urban Decay’s widely popular Naked Heat palette, will absolutely love.