5 nail trends to know about for 2022

Now that lockdown is (hopefully) over for good, and a return to slightly more normal life is underway, we’re enjoying getting dressed up again, and that extends to our nails. Manicures have become big business in the UK, with nail salons constantly busy and many of us getting creative at home with nail art and out-there colours. So which trends should we be trying for 2022?

nail trends

Celebrity nail artist Jenny Draper spills the beans on the big manicure trends for this year, from the most stylish nail shape to cute ways we’ll be updating the classic French manicure.

2022 nail trends


According to Jenny, the colour to stock up on this season will be blue. ‘After the success of the Bottega green in 2021, keep an eye out for dark and bright blues creeping up behind’ she says. ‘I love Morgan Taylor’s ‘Feeling Swim-sical’ (£5.95, www.redcarpetbeauty.co.uk), a gorgeous teal crème.’


Always reach for a beige or pale pink nail polish? It’s time to mix it up – but only slightly. Jenny says neutrals will still be around, but ‘try them with a slight shimmer, textured topcoat or with an added embellishment for a bit of fun’. We particularly love the subtle heart-embellished nails below, perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, we’ve seen every type of nail art under the sun, but you can’t go wrong with leopard, a classic print that’s also a wardrobe staple. ‘If you want to add a bit of wildness to your mani then animal prints are going nowhere fast’ Jenny says.


nail trends

While the French manicure is still going strong, there are plenty of interesting updates you can make to give it that 2022 edge. ‘Think side swipes, abstract and scalloped edges’ says Jenny.

nail trends


It’s a trend that might look rather terrifying, but Jenny assures us that ‘cool girls are wearing stiletto-shaped nails’. For the uninitiated, that means long, spiky nails – but you can go for a toned down version by rounding off the tip slightly. If you want to experiment with nail extensions, this is a look to try.

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