Nadia Sawalha shares magic moisturiser that helped her with the menopause

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Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha has opened up about the moisturiser that’s transformed her postmenopausal eczema and now her husband uses it for his skin condition too.

Posting a video to Instagram, the 53-year-old mum-of-two caught her husband slathering the miracle Cetraben Cream onto his face.

Creeping up behind him, she said, “Caught ya, we’re using the cream now are we?” before adding, “How many times in 15 years have I told you to keep your face moisturised if you have eczema?”.

The presenter has previously spoken openly about her struggle with eczema which causes the skin to go cracked, itchy, dry and red. It’s a skin condition most common in children but can affect anyone of any age, anywhere on the body and can be triggered by life events such as the menopause.  

Earlier this year Nadia revealed that at one point her skin had become so bad that she had to go to A&E for treatment, before discovering the Cetraben cream.

“I seem to be having more eczema flare-ups since I’ve gone through the menopause”, she told the Express.

“Just before Christmas I had a really bad episode. Sometimes my skin reacts badly to different sorts of make-up and this is what happened when I was doing a presenting job.”

“My skin flared up so badly I got eczema on my neck, jawline and then up around my eye.

“Since the menopause, my skin has become much worse in general”, she continued, “things have not been so good.”

“My skin is now much drier overall in general and I am having to moisturise my hands, feet, neck and face twice daily,” explained Nadia.

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Eczema can result from the menopause because women’s oestrogen levels decrease during this time causing the skin to dry. The immune system also lowers meaning you’re less able to fight infections and irritants and more prone to allergies.

Luckily, Nadia’s miracle cream is a complete steal at £4.99 and is tailor made for extra dry and irritated skin. She recommends using it daily as she has done for the last three years.