My Best Friend’s Wedding almost had a completely different ending

The internet went crazy on Thursday night as the cast of classic 90s romcom My Best Friend’s Wedding reunited after 22 years.

Julia Roberts (who played protagonist Julianne) Cameron Diaz (Kimmy), Rupert Everett (George) and Dermot Mulroney (Michael) were all brought back together again by Entertainment Weekly, who shot a special cover shoot with the cast of what many will agree is one of the best romantic comedies of all time.

Naturally, fans of the hit chick flick (all of us) were immediately filled with nostalgia as soon as we saw the all-star cast reunited. But that wasn’t all. The reunion also brought a big revelation about the film.

It turns out that the original version of My Best Friend’s Wedding had a completely different ending. Juliana was actually meant to end up with a fellow wedding guest – a guest that would have been played by John Corbett.

That’s right, John Corbertt who plays Aidan from Sex and the City would have been her happy ending. But unfortunately, due to cut-throat screening tests, that alternative ending was scrapped and instead, the producers went for film’s famous non-happy ending. A genius decision, or the worst twist ever? It’s all down to your interpretation…